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PIPELINE overview


Our focus areas are unmet needs in oncology, drug resistant bacterial infections, and other life threatening diseases. The SCULPT platform enables a new way to approach these problems, opening the door for the development of novel medicines. 


A2A oncology programs apply our therapeutic design methodology towards inhibiting protein-protein interactions (PPIs). Pharmacological targets of this class have important roles in a range of cancer types, but have been traditionally challenging to inhibit. SCULPT enables the design of novel ligands specifically to match the unique topological features of this target class.


Targets for A2A antibiotic programs were selected based on their broad spectrum applicability to gram-negative bacterial species, as well as novelty to circumvent rapid target-associated resistance. A unique bioinformatic approach was incorporated into the SCULPT process to yield candidates with "antibiotic-like" properties, in order to maximize the chances of activity and minimize drug efflux.

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